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We at BRIDGESTONE ACADEMY believe that before children of any can begin to learn, they must feel safe, comfortable, and special. We have selected the facility and staff which will enable us in this effort. We truly value our employees and have made every effort to hire and retain enthusiastic, energetic teachers who are dedicated to providing a warm, nurturing, and comforting environment…one which will be subtly recognized by your child and readily apparent to each of you.

It is important that each child be greeted by a smiling face and with inviting arms. This will provide a positive beginning to their day and will be equally as important to yours. We are committed to providing quality education in a loving and caring atmosphere which encourages all children to learn and grow to his or her full potential. Through our ‘partnership ' with you, as parents, which encourages open communication, we believe that together we can provide your child with a positive, rewarding experience.

We are pleased that you have chosen BRIDGESTONE ACADEMY for your child’s early childhood care and learning experience.

Thank you for choosing BRIDGESTONE ACADEMY,

where your child’s journey begins.

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